Taming Your Inner Critic Workshop

Date: 22-Sep-2018


Is Your Inner Critic Holding You Back?



You’re not alone


How often have you been paralysed by that inner voice? You might think it’s got you to where you are today, but maybe you know deep down that it’s holding you back from really enjoying life. We all have an inner critic; a negative, critical, anxiety-inducing voice of disapproval, doubt and frustration. It’s different for everyone. It gets in the way. It stops you being who you really are, doing what you can really do.  But there is a different way...


Taming Your Inner Critic Workshop


Manchester-based coach and hypnotherapist Sally Heady and senior meditation teacher Mick Timpson invite to you to join them in this unique, empowering workshop which inventively combines timeless yoga and meditation techniques with cutting-edge mindset tools on how to overcome the critical voice that has been keeping you stuck. By the end of the workshop you will gain awareness of how your inner critic is holding you back from your next level of success and shift your perspective towards a deeper knowing. You will develop a more compassionate and connected mindset, which will support and encourage you in achieving what you want. Just imagine the freedom and power of having an internal voice that was on your side; your own personal super power.


Are you ready to start living with greater ease and contentment? 


The workshop will help you build that inner space where you are free of doubt, fear and worry. You can imagine a world where you don’t live in fear. Where you don’t doubt yourself and you can trust your choices.  Imagine a world where you feel empowered, ready to act and meet the moment in the best possible way.


You can do it - don't believe everything you think!




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Workshop details


Saturday 22nd September 2018

2.00 - 5.00pm


Chorlton Central Hall Barlow Moor Road Manchester

£30.00 (£25 concessions)